•  Did you know we can actually get addicted to chaos?
  •  What if you knew exactly when yes means yes and what to do when it should be a NO – without feeling guilty
  •  Are you pulled in too many directions? Not sure how to get the things that are really important to you done AND please everyone on your list? Or do you do you ever stay busy to avoid difficult conversations?
  •  What if that weight from those expectations – yours and others – could be lifted. Permanently.
  •  What if you had renewable energy to count on right now and for the rest of your life?

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and still struggle to feel how you want to feel? What if it didn’t have to be this way?  

What if you could have more energy, feel focused and productive and have meaningful conversations that feel great and get results?

The Do What Feeds You - Master Class Series provides powerful yet simple strategies that will give you a new level of control over your experience with sex, money, relationships, motivation, energy and self-worth - all in a group format with a supportive community to help along the way.  

In this 6 part master class series, we will: 

  •  Tune in to our needs so that we can clean up what doesn’t help us and is actually holding us back. 
  •  Explore what we are ready to let go of – mentally, physically, emotionally – and learn simple practices to release that unwanted weight.
  •  Learn practical, simple strategies to permanently feel more confident, less stressed, more supported as the truer, more authentic and perfectly unique individuals we are within our community. 

What could be more important than this? 

Why stay stuck and frustrated another minute when you don't have to? High achievers have been hiring coaches and mentors since ancient times to gain the knowledge they need to be the best versions of themselves. Join us to learn these key strategies that will permanently up-level your skills in the game of life. 

Do you really want to live your dream? Every woman deserves to feel at home in her life, in her home, in her body… this is the place to come to find out how.

January Master Class

Clear Out the Complexity: Detox Jump Start

Quickly and confidently clear out overstuffed schedules, eliminate guilt and make room in your mental, physical, digital and emotional spaces for more of what feeds your happy places in the new year.

 (Value $250)

February Master Class

Community, Contentment, Contribution: Your Compelling Destination

Identify your unique plan for the best year ever (and what might be showing up and getting in your way) so that you experience more of what matters most to you right away and through out the year ahead. 

You’ll come back to this one over and over. 

(Value $250)

March Master Class

Baggage Check!! with the Freedom thru Forgiveness Formula

Those words that can’t be taken back, that slight, that betrayal, that annoying thing that they just won’t stop or that memory that we can’t stop replaying in our head… we all have them and they get in the way over and over and over until, perhaps we decide we are ready to pack that stuff up and send it away for good. 

Learn this powerful practice that changes everything and puts you in control again. This is life changing.

(Value $250)

April Q&A Call

BONUS Breakthrough Mentor Session (Q&A Call).

(Value $250)

May Master Class

Your Personal Power Source

Discover powerful practices that boost your energy, open your mind and heart to opportunities and model behavior you feel GREAT about sharing with your family, colleagues and community.

(Value $250)

June Master Class

Conversation Cornerstones: Success Formula 

Use your words like a magic wand to ask for what you need and get what you want at home, in bed, at work, in your community, with your family, with your staff. 

Did I say magic? Yes… I meant it. 

You’ve done a lot of work to build your foundation and get to this point. This session is another with immediate impact that I know you’ll return to over and over again.

 (Value $250)

Exclusive Master Series Bonuses

Bonus #1: 

Digital Detox

Breakthrough Checklist VALUE => $97

What if you had a simple way to filter the flood of information heading your way every day? And extract only the best ideas that can deliver the breakthroughs you yearn for most? This powerful checklist will save you hours, dissolve info overload fast, and help ease you on your way to more success.

Bonus #2: 

Coach in a Box

Success Checklist VALUE => $250

When things go sideways, what if you could have a powerful checklist at your side? Like your own private “Coach in a Box” that’s always there, 24/7 to guide you smoothly, calmly to the ultimate outcome? This powerful bonus is like your crisis insurance policy, guiding you to the clarity that delivers the best possible solution with ease!

Okay, Andrea, I'm in!!

Program Value: $1988 total value for 5 group training sessions + Q&A call + bonuses

Early Bird Sign Up Price of only $499

 (Before 12/25 - $699 - After 12/25 - $997)

First 10 to sign up during the webinar will be gifted a free 60 minute bonus strategy call with me VALUE = > $500!

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